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Dig out your bloody soul you tossers !!
December 29, 2008, 2:07 am
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 I wish Damon Albarn would catch AIDS and dies!

I wish Damon Albarn catches AIDS and dies!

Good morning lovers! It is indeed that time of the year again where all of us desk top music experts and message board taste makers flood your impressionable minds with the oh so typical “best of list”. Truth be told, I find it a bit difficult to sit behind this screen and compile a best of, mainly because I have for better or worse become the product of the Aderal, Youtube, hype machine era in which we are so happily living in. I guess what I am trying to say, I have neither the time nor the attention span to sit and write in depth articles or even blurbs (remember those?) for that matter. Give me instant gratification or or give me death !

Without further delay or nonsensical ramblings I give you a few selections off of the new Oasis record “Dig out Your Soul “. 2008 found the brothers Gallagher in top form, putting out for my money one of the best rock albums of the year (sorry Axl ). I don’t know what it is exactly that strikes me as brilliant about the band…scratch that I do. Since “Definitely Maybe ” the band has been the closest thing to the Beatles since well, The Beatles. Say what you will about the Manchester natives sheepishly following in the footsteps of the fab four and not forging their own sound ala Radio Head, but the truth remains the same, they are a talented group of musicians who write fantastic songs and intrigue fans world wide with sing along hooks and erratic behavior. Remember when Liam said he wished Damon Albarn from Blur/Gorillaz would catch AIDS? Exactly!

Oasis has wisely chosen to put the infighting, resentment on a public scale, and on stage brawls/heckling on the back burner and opt for the more cushy and lucrative position of European Rock idols…fantastic choice! The end result is a career spanning 15 years nine studio albums, a bank account full of money, and love and admiration on the largest global front possible.


Iron Giant and the City of Dreams.
December 28, 2008, 2:49 am
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Feel the wrath of daddy long legs

Feel the wrath of daddy long legs

I’ll be the first to admit that my impressionable teenage years weren’t spent in the most exotic of locations. Circa 2002 I was living and going to high school in the desolate desert town of Moreno Valley. For those of you unfamiliar with the town let me paint a quick picture. Dirt fields, white girls with caked up MAC make up, suburban thugs who have never seen the Los Angeles skyline after a night of hard rain , and Asian kids who dressed like cholos. Yes indeed folks, the promise land.

To say that I was naive to the world around me would be a bit of an understatement. At age 16 my world view only stretched as far as the lunchroom and topics of interest included girls, newly constructed Afta-1 beats and who Larry Merchant was going to blatantly insult and devalue on a historical level during the weekends broadcast of HBO Championship Boxing. My life was peachy keen and I was one of the two best rappers in town…or so i thought.

While Pheo and I were building impressive (yet meaningless and empty) reputations as high school Lotharios and promising young rappers, across town and over the hills a shy and wide eyed dreamer with an endless well of creative abilities was making his argument for not only the best rapper in town, but possibly one of the best rappers in the country. Yes friends, he is THAT good.

Jay Fire was always a bit an enigmatic figure . Only known to me by name, I would constantly hear tales of a 6’7 Adonis who not only towered over all in appearance, but also cast shadows over his peers in terms of writing. Delivery? Depth? Content? Subject matter and a style to which he calls his own? The intrigue was building. Fire was fast becoming a bit of local folklore and something I had to hear to believe.

Pheo obliged to feed my curiosity and so commenced a Jay Fire crash course that spanned the course of a week. The routine was simple; work a 9 hour day, come home, drink some Framboise or Sangria, and listen to a few of Fire and Zilla’s tracks. It didn’t take but seconds into the first song to realize that Fire was not the typical Mo Val talent show novice, but rather a talented craftsmen capable of elongating phrases, manipulating words , and taking the the simplest of concepts to new depths with his rich textures and knack for layered introspective story telling. The man is not a rapper, but a a sun burst of life and ideas transposed and translated into the language of hiphop. Needless to say I became an instant fan.

Some time has passed since my first auditory experience with the music of Jay Fire. Enough time in fact, that I was able to not only become well acquainted with him, but also share the stage, call him friend and swap new material that we were both working on. Around September of this year I had the distinct privilege of being the first to obtain a copy of his latest works entitled “Robots and Angles”.

Robots and Angles out now!!!

Robots and Angles out now!!!

It’s hard to really delve into the content of the record without spoiling the concept behind it. The word fantastic is a bit short winded in terms of summarizing it . I can however say this, Zilla’s production is sharp, well polished, crisp and full of the energy and bounce that once made critics and fans alike label Cincinnati’s Hi Tek the future of hiphop production. Every sample top to bottom is well thought out and placed with meticulous attention to detail. Zilla is abandoning the ideologies of the modern rap producer. He isn’t here to let his voice echo over his work with repetitive catch phrases in hopes that he can outshine Fire and place the emphasis on himself. Contrary, he plays the role of a John Paul Jones or Keith Moon of sorts; a fantastic rhythm player who makes his name by being brilliant at what he does and working for the greater good of the group. The end product is what counts here not “weeeeee da best”.

Playing opposite of Zilla is the man himself Fire.The charismatic introvert who’s larger then life persona is only accented by his endless stream of imagination and creative prowess. For a genre populated by megalomaniacs, thugs, goons, trappers, and sex crazed playboys Stevie does his best to give you what he is without any sort of pretenses. There are no gimmicks or tales of false bravado here. Fire is a man comfortable in his own skin and that is evident by the themes and subjects he explores through his music.

Having recently attended the launch party for RxA, my interest in the album and music is the same as it was when I first received the CD-R version 3 1/2 months ago. The myth is real and the Iron Giant of rap is not an act of invention,product of local hype, or the figment of an overactive imagination. He is real! I have seen him with my own eyes and experienced his talents with my own ears. Jay Fire is THAT good.


Download Plug me up by Jay Fire NOW!!!

Download Plug me up by Jay Fire NOW!!!

Visit Jay Fire on Myspace!!

Bad kids all my friends are bad kids!!
December 26, 2008, 10:59 pm
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They aren’t really that bad mom I swear . It’s  just that they are misunderstood really. You see, i have the great privilege of working with some of the rowdiest bunch of hooligans in California. Now, when  I use the “rowdy”  I mean it in the most loving way possible.  Think Rowdy Rowdy Piper. Charming, charismatic, and yes a bit mischievous, but all in all the talent and genuine good nature of these boys are enough to cast shadows over the wildness that tends to follow them.

The ultimate bad kid?

The ultimate bad kid?

I guess what I am trying to say is that,  in times of utter chaos, confusion, and self doubt, it’s good to know that I am surrounded by loving, creative, beautiful people that  are down to break a couple of windows, scrape up their knee caps and blame it on the other neighborhood  kids.

Raph, Fudd, Verbs, and Pheo i love you all dearly. Thanks for being there.


the desert.
November 29, 2008, 7:50 pm
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live out in the desert tonight yours truly, mc speak, and dj alf alpha. check it out !!




Peace Be The Journey.
November 23, 2008, 6:28 pm
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Such Artist as Cruicial Conflict, Twista, Tech N9ne, Common, and Da Brat are early pioneers of the midwest hip hop scence. Existing between coasts, one that created hip hop and one that birth gangsta rap, lies the midwest. Straight out of Flint, MI MC Breed was the first commercially successful hip hop artist out of the midwest. Unfortunately Mc Breed passed away yesterday (November.22.2008). Recently having to be placed on life support due to kidney failure, Breed reportedly passed in his sleep. Most noted for his slapper “Aint No Future In Yo Frontin’” and dope ass collab with 2pac on “Gotta Get Mine“, we have to remember who started this midwest shit.

MC Breed forever.


Aint No Future In Yo Frontin’

Gotta Get Mine

jen and some older designs featured in the coachella valley art scene blog
November 21, 2008, 3:20 am
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So, from what I understand you also ran/run (?) a small record label? What inspired you to go into the art and business of music? What was the sound of your label? And why did those people inspire you?

jen: applebird records is a small, three-person diy operation in the style of many punk fore bearers; this time, applied to hip hop. it’s something that we believed had never been done before. hip hop indie labels cater to the prospect of the “hustle”; instead, we went for simplicity, opting to prove that the message is the message, rather than the medium….

read more at the coachella valley art scene blog, and be sure to check out the rest of the blog.

yeah so what.
November 9, 2008, 10:58 pm
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Since Georgetown, Allen Iverson has been my favorite basketball player and that has yet to change. I always get jazz for having him as a favorite player, because most of these jabroni’s dont see the light. AI is the man and will always be. All these NBA players with braids, tats, swag, and flash got it from AI. No one came to games in throwbacks and chains.. ive even seen that nigga wear a velour or two. All im tryna say is that he changed what a NBA player is as a person. He has always been himself && kept it real and on top of that he happens to be 100% Goon. Now pardon my back as I head to the local mall to pick up that detroit piston number 1 jersey.




Kings Nuggets Basketball


Pistons Iverson Basketball